Thursday Nite Grub: Come hungry and leave connected

Our main club meeting happens on Thursday nights from 6-9 pm in Angst 129. Dinner is provided by some local churches, so don’t worry about eating dinner before hand! We’ll eat and have some laughs as well as dig into some discussion. Then, one of the CCF staff will give a message for us to think about and we’ll do some worship. We’ll spend the last hour of our time together playing some really fun group games together. It’s always a blast!

Tuesday Chapel

Every Tuesday at 12:30 pm is club hour. We like to take this time and do a little worship as well as a group devotional. The goal is this time is to bring refreshment in the midst of our busy week. Pause, reflect, and center ourselves on Jesus. It’s in Ford hall room 101. Feel free to drop by!


Core is what we call our small group bible study. There is a guy’s core and a girl’s core. We meet each week (TBD) to study the bible and share life with each other. People have been know to develop some of their most meaningful friendships in core!

For more info on club contact Abel Gage at or any of the CCF Staff.